You'll find Avoca throws all around the world and right here, of course. The family company that is Avoca today started as a manufacturer back in 1723 and it probably shapes everything we do. You can read this story in Our History. To this day, we handweave at the original Mill in the picturesque village of Avoca, at the Meeting of the Waters in County Wicklow. It roots us in our heritage - though times change, of course and powerlooms are now also needed to keep up with demand.

Avoca throws rugs, throws, blankets in natural fibres - 100% pure new lambswool, mohair, cashmere, angora, even cotton and linen making homes beautiful, people stylish and life cosy right across the world. From Berlin to Boston, Dublin to Dubai, Sydney to San Francisco, Avoca handiwork gives pleasure as it has done for just short of 300 years.

And as Avoca has grown in confidence, so this most traditional of crafts has had new life breathed into it. Now our throws and rugs might have screen-printing or embroidery, be festooned with buttons and bows or be made up of contrasting panels from different runs. Still all in natural fibres, still in the vibrant colours that mark Avoca. After all, why change the habit of several lifetimes.You can read more about us in our little book below.