Retail for Avoca started with a small shop at the original Mill in Wicklow's rural heartland. Now we've 11 Avoca locations, all around the country and an online store at  You can find more about each of them in More.

Avoca outlets can defy description, especially by us. Maybe it's more of an experience than a stock list. For a start, it's eclectic in the extreme: fashion, ceramics, glass. Menswear & homewares. Kidswear & toys. Knitwear & jewellery. We could go on... and we do.

Here's what UK retail consultant, Mary Portas had to say about Avoca: "Because they take a holistic view of things, brands such as Avoca...  are, in this critic's opinion, heaps ahead of the competition."

Browsing through our stores was once compared to exploring a treasure trove: we just keep changing the treasure. Avoca Rathcoole was recently voted Ireland's Store of the Year and international trade mag, Retail Week ranked Avoca one of the World's 100 Most Inspirational Stores, (keeping us company were enormous names like Bloomingdales).

One of the judges said of Avoca: "... a mixture of Heal's
for homewares, Selfridges Food Hall, Betty's tea rooms, Ghost for womenswear and
Daisy & Tom for kids clothes and toys. It sells carefully chosen pieces from a wide
range of upmarket brands without looking piecemeal. It has the feel of a store
where each item has been lovingly bought by a single buyer and manages to make
something traditional feel contemporary. The merchandise is laid out as though you
are looking around the house of a friend with very good taste."

Amen to that.

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